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Join the Author and Square the Circle

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A Saga of the Early Auchinlecks and Afflecks

By David Affleck


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About the Book

For over twenty-five years, I have undertaken research into aspects of Scottish Local History and found earlier examples of jigsaw pieces that do not fit. It has been described as a 'disease of error'.

In May 2021, I decided the time had come to publish A Sage of the Early Auchinlecks and Afflecks and reveal their Hidden History. It is intended to 'Square the Circle' and reveal answers previous historians struggled with.

It will be followed by another Saga on the Hepburns and Buchan Hepburns of East Lothian at a later date.

David Keir Affleck

Following his retirement from managing Social Work services, David Affleck has pursued interests in horticulture, history and music. Recent historical research activity has concentrated on material that offers new perspectives to relationships between individuals, groups and communities relevant to local history studies.




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